What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness includes:
• Relaxed breathing
• Awareness
• Kindness
• Gratitude

Mindfulness helps people:
Notice their thoughts and feelings
Manage their moods

Mindfulness can:
Improve social relationships
Increase kindness to others and oneself

Promoting Well-Being in Adolescents

All youth experience challenges at times.
• Common stressors during adolescence include:
• Increasing demands in school
• Social relationships
• Forming an identity and a sense of self
• Emerging independence

• Teens respond to stress with different emotions such as sadness, anxiety, frustration, and irritability

• The Youth Mindful Awareness Program (YMAP) teaches skills that:
• Help teens manage moods
Build resilience
Promote well-being

Meet Our Team

Principal Investigators


Denise A. Chavira

Professor of Psychology


Emma K. Adam

Edwina S. Tarry Professor of Human Development and Social Policy


Judy Garber

Cornelius Vanderbilt Professor of Psychology and Human Development


Michelle G. Craske

Professor of Psychology, Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences


Richard Zinbarg

Professor of Psychology; Department Chair



Abigail Pine

Graduate Student


Alexander Williams

Graduate Student


Danielle Smith

Postdoctoral Researcher


George Abitante

Graduate Student


Gio Ramos

Graduate Student


Jacquelyn Stephens

Graduate Student


Jennifer Fuller

Research Coordinator


Suzannah Kingsbury

Project Coordinator

Contact Us

Please use the contact information below to reach out to us directly

Although the YMAP study takes place remotely, participation is limited to teens aged 12-17 years living in the states of California, Illinois, and Tennessee.

Nashville, TN
Vanderbilt University

Email: ymap.vu@gmail.com
Phone: 615-669-2125

Los Angeles, CA

Email: ymap.ucla@gmail.com
Phone: 760-679-3506

Chicago, IL
Northwestern University

Email: ymap.nu@gmail.com
Phone: 773-245-3176

You can also complete a confidential contact form!

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For more information about the YMAP Mindfulness Program Study, please complete the confidential contact form at this link and we will get back to you.

If you or a loved one needs immediate help, please use this link to access national crisis hotlines and resources.